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Cesare “Claude” Louis

"Each client testimonial is a story of connection, a narrative that goes beyond transactions to reveal the human impact of products and services."


In January 2023. We spoke with Claude about getting his scores up so he can buy more real-estate. His goal date is in 3 months or maybe sooner. Just like with our other clients we gave Claude an outline of what to expect with our process and how we will work together to accomplish his goals during that time.


Claude was doing a great job on his credit improvement and in June 2023 we advised client to call bureaus to freeze credit as advised by the LA Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness due to a recent data leak.


Still working on client’s file and goal date has been moved to March of this year 2024. But a year ago he already wrote a review about CKEXPERTS in google. What a great testimony indeed.

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