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Eva Jones

Updated: May 1

"Navigating through the noise of countless options, client testimonials offer a beacon of truth, shedding light on the genuine impact of a product or service."


Eva started doing business with CKEXPERTS way back in August of 2023. Her goal was to purchase a home. However, to attain that, she needs to build her credit.


From that moment, we start rebuilding her credit, and that includes credit monitoring, disputes, emphasizing the importance of not being late on any of her accounts, especially not getting any inquiries, and keeping her credit card balances under 10%. Her goal is October 2024, and CKEXPERTS is working tirelessly to help her achieve it.

and to our surprise, this Client left a good feedback to one of our Credit Experts, Jessica! This is in Google review and we're happy to share it with you all.

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