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Khadijah Chesser

“Client feedback through Google reviews serves as a powerful tool for businesses to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement”.


During the initial consultation with Khadijah, it became apparent that she was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by her inability to make immediate payments. However, instead of turning her away, we saw an opportunity to offer flexibility and support. Understanding her circumstances, we proposed a solution.


Our primary goal was clear: to work alongside Khadijah, ensuring she could soon hold the keys to her own home. This commitment to her dream resonated deeply with Khadijah, who expressed profound gratitude and appreciation for our understanding and willingness to accommodate her needs.


Afterward, we start rebuilding her credit by doing credit monitoring, resolving disputes, emphasizing the importance of not being late on any of her accounts, especially not getting any inquiries, and keeping her credit card balances under 10%.


A little while back, she’s close to reaching her goal and was able to find a house in Baker for $179k (newly renovated).

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