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Tramaine Lucas: Jump Like Jordan!

"Client testimonials stand as the testament of time, embodying the voices of those who have journeyed with a brand and emerged more than satisfied, ready to share their tales of triumph and satisfaction."


Tramaine was referred to us by his wife way back in 2023 of April. His goal was to buy a home when his credit is good enough.


As usual, we gave Tramaine an outline of what to expect with our process and how we will work together to accomplish his goals. We emphasized the importance of not being late on any accounts, not getting any inquiries, and keeping his credit card balances under 10%. Tramaine needs to start building credit and we advised that he get this done ASAP, preferably within the first 45 days of our program. He agreed.


We’ve been working on his credit up until last year of November 2023 where we were able to close at $360k.

The client was very excited way back then and shared his great story in googles reviews.

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