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Tim Mcgruder

Updated: Apr 28

"As the digital age propels us into a sea of endless options, client testimonials emerge as beacons of authenticity, cutting through the noise to reveal genuine experiences and honest feedback."


In this blog, CKEXPERTS is delighted to share one of our clients' success stories.


We started with this client way back in 2022 of May. His name is Timothy Mcgruder aka “Tim”. His goal was to purchase a home in Georgia. Just like other clients we set a timeframe for his goal and enrolled his file in a more aggressive process. It was indeed a challenging journey because Pandemic happened. He was behind on his payments, and it hurt his credit scores so bad. But we didn’t stop from there.


After all what happened, the client was still approved for 350k and we’re able to target his closing date.


Days later, we received a notification via email about a review from one of clients posted in CKEXPERTS TRUST PILOT and we’re happy to share this with you.

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