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Terri Mitchell

Updated: Apr 28

"In the symphony of consumer experiences, client testimonials stand as the resonant chords that harmonize trust and authenticity, echoing the voices of those whose journeys illuminate the path for others."


In this blog, CKEXPERTS is delighted to share one of our clients' success stories.


In April 2023, Terri Mitchell requested fixing her credit scores and we advised her to start building credit within the first 45 days of our program.


Fast forward in May 2023, her file has undergone an upgrade to a more aggressive processing method. We kept working to balance her credit cards. We advanced her to the preparation stage, set a time frame, and concentrated on her goal.


Just this year of 2024, January. This client closed at $147k. She was grateful that we referred her to lender. Leaving us a very heartfelt review.

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