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Avis Roberts

Updated: Apr 28

"In a world saturated with advertising rhetoric, client testimonials offer a refreshing oasis of truth, providing insight, assurance, and confidence to those seeking genuine experiences."


In this blog, CKEXPERTS is delighted to share one of our clients' success stories.


This client just started last year, 2023 of January. Her goal was to purchase a home and to put up a business by 2024. Her name is Avis Roberts. We provided Avis with clear and proper expectations and mainly focused on her goals. We started by fixing her credit scores. We provided her with Routine Check-ins & Processing Updates. The client was able to follow instructions and guidance and we appreciated her for doing a great job!


In fixing credit score, it’s not always sugar and spice and everything nice. There will be ups and downs but what is important is both parties are doing their best in reaching the goal.

We at CKEXPERTS are proudly happy to share this review from our client.

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