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The Domino Effect: How Late Payments Can Wreak Havoc on Your Credit Score

Things happen. Maybe you must make a late payment on your credit card or loan to prioritize other expenses. Or maybe you simply forgot about the bill. Regardless of the reason, the consequences of late payments are never something to look forward to, especially since they can negatively affect your credit scores. In this blog, we'll share a real-life story of a client experiencing late payments and explore the lessons learned in handling this challenging situation and how we can avoid it.

Our story begins with our client named TH091923 who came to us to fix her credit score. Only to find out that she has a lot of late payments in her credit report. She claimed that she never received her statement from those companies and one of her statements even got returned. After that, they stopped sending her a statement and couldn’t make any payment since then.

After several discussions and a collaborative effort between CKEXPERTS and this client. We wanted her to know how hard it is to get off late payments in the credit report but because we wanted to help this client, our resolution is to send some letter writing, file a complaint where the late payments came from and how she can pay off these late payments.

In addition, we introduced her to CKEXPERTS Smart-Timer Book. It is a calendar that she can easily open and see what bills are paid on and what's not paid yet. It is January all the way through December on one page and she can write down the name of the companies, the addresses, and the account numbers. In that way, she will never be able to miss any payments moving forward.

Late payments can be avoided or prevented if the client is only a little bit more organized.


Good News, CKEXPERTS created a Smart-Timer book to help clients manage their bills and keep everything in one place.


Here's what's inside the Smart-Timer Book:
  • Extraordinary Credit Team

  • Terminologies

  • Information and Resources

  • Calendar

  • Dates of Federal Holidays


Smart-Timer Calendar

You will all get this for free once you sign up with CKEXPERTS. Our clients really like the book as it has helped so many people keep track of bills and make monthly payments on time. So, if you like the idea of the Smart Timer Book? Contact Us Now!!!


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