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"Navigating Credit Building: Lessons Learned from OPEN SKY's Unyielding Policies"

Updated: Feb 19

Building credit is a difficult path, and for many, obtaining a credit card becomes a critical step in establishing a solid credit history. Even with the greatest of intentions, unanticipated situations can cause setbacks. In this blog article, we look at our client's experience utilizing OPEN SKY to improve her credit and the difficult lesson she learnt from the company's severe regulations.


Our client named AB120723 set off on her credit-building adventure with enthusiasm, having chosen OPEN SKY as her credit card issuer. OPEN SKY is well-known for its accessibility, particularly for people with low or damaged credit histories. The client made the sensible decision to linked her OPEN SKY credit card payments to her debit card, resulting in a streamlined, automated process that ensures regular payments and, as a result, a favorable influence on her credit score.


Life frequently throws unanticipated curveballs, and in this case, our client encountered a circumstance that many people may relate to: she loses her bank card. Unfortunately, the problem worsened when her bank revoked the loss card right away to prevent potential fraud. What she hadn't known was that her OPEN SKY payments were solely tied to that debit card.


The repercussions were immediate and severe. The missed payment resulted in a 30-day late payment notation on her credit report, leading her credit score to plummet. Disgusted by the unexpected turn of events, this client contacted OPEN SKY to explain the issue and asked that the late payment mark be removed. Given that this was her first lapse and that all her other payments had been routinely on time, she hoped for understanding and a chance to make things right.


Unfortunately, OPEN SKY's response was not what she had hoped for. Despite her explanations and emphasis on her commitment to good financial behavior, the corporation maintained its decision to keep the 30-day late payment on her credit record. Because of this steadfast stance, our client was dejected and faced the difficult challenge of repairing her credit from a lower starting point.


Building credit is a journey that includes both accomplishments and setbacks. Our client's experience with OPEN SKY serves as a warning to remain watchful, communicate properly, and be aware of the policies that govern your credit accounts. While setbacks can be discouraging, they can also teach you vital lessons and provide possibilities for improvement in your financial journey.


Lesson: use the Smart Timer from CKEXPERTS even if the credit cards are all on auto payment. The Smart Timer is your confirmation that the payments were paid.  Make an appointment to sign up with our Credit Building Services and receive your Smart Timer in the mail for FREE! 


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