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A victorious day for Kad!

Today was another victorious day. Our client KAD, has almost completed the program and has had excellent results, however, our client needed to get the bi-annual security clearance completed for her job as a federal worker. We were able to assist KAD in settling the debt and presented an in-service letter to her to give to her employer (government agency) for her security clearance. This was great that we had a service to provide for this client as we were successful at having many items removed and not to mention the great credit scores. This is why I love doing what we do as this client could have lost her job of over 10 years had we not been able to assist her with her negative reporting items and had we not worked with her on the settlement and presented a letter of service that she could show the federal government agency to get her security clearance.

This all worked well for the client and now she is good for another 5 years before the next security clearance is performed!


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